Hello, when was the last time you got a freebie? Take a deep breadth and look to your left, is anyone looking? If no, zoom in on this because I have something for You!


Do you ever wonder why people doing the same thing as you are getting Return on Investment but you seem to be stagnant and not reaching your numbers? Worry no more because my special gift to you is from the recent promotion by R-Wells Media Group for Lifemate Furniture and her subbrands.


‘I have a mother company and two baby companies, can the freebie work for me?’ Of course! This multi-billion freebie is for ALL. At this moment, I assume  you have your notes ready.


  1. Promotion: R-Wells Media Group incorporated exected a joint promotion campaign for Lifemate and its subbrands;Joylife, Bossmate, Tastylife and Sunnylife.


  1. Strategic Platform for Promotion: For this campaign we used selected radio platforms suited to their Band A-C target audience. Radio also has a lot of traffic especially in Lagos and this worked well for our announcement jingle. 


  1. Do a run-down on your analytic research: Go over your research on the analytics, are there lapses? Is it good to go? Do justice and let’s get going. We also selected stations according to their ratings with audiences. 


  1. Create contents for online, print, radio and television: There are several platforms for fantastic promotions but nothing beats these four; Online, Print, Radio and Television.


  1. Postproduction must nail it: After content ideation and creation, post production is where the juice is at and you have to ensure you nail it there. We mixed and mastered a quality jingle for Lifemate to ensure viewers enjoy the announcement not just live endure it. 


  1. Send out: At this point, you have a free hand to send out to the platforms in different regions where your market is for promotion and sit back and relax for the multi-billion freebie to work magic…literally. 

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